It takes a special kind of business with its finger on the pulse to identify tomorrow’s opportunities, but an even bolder one with strategic foresight to capitalise on them. 

If this sounds like you or your business we invite you to explore TNQ20, a refreshed and reinvigorated approach to recognising and rewarding outstanding levels of business excellence and tropical innovation in Tropical North Queensland!


If you always do what you always did, you will
always get what you always got.

- Albert Einstein -

We Believe

that a cohort of exceptional businesses and unique innovators, many of whom have put Einstein’s words into practice, exist in Tropical North Queensland and we’d like you to help us find them!

We’re looking for those who have pushed the conventional boundaries of their business and their ideas to discover what could be and, in doing so, have demonstrated excellence and innovation.

The 2014 TNQ20 awards program provides recognition and a benchmark for best practice to which others in the region can aspire.


Cairns Regional Council has been strengthening the region’s reputation as a hub for tropical innovation and our regional businesses have been demonstrating excellence both nationally and internationally. In 2014, the inaugural TNQ20 will recognise:

1. Tropical innovation, knowledge and expertise developed in the tropics for the tropics; and
Business excellence and best practice in core business functions. 

TNQ20 is about more than just an awards program – it is a comprehensive program of events, workshops and initiatives aimed at celebrating, enhancing and developing business and innovation excellence in TNQ.


The TNQ20 Business Excellence & Tropical Innovation Awards is an entire program of events that aims to both highlight the existing levels of business excellence and innovation within the region and also provide capacity building opportunities for those businesss striving to receive this recognition.

Kicking off with the TNQ20 Business Excellence & Tropical Innovation Awards, the eight month tailored program of events will offer entrants and the wider business community inspiration and resources while promoting the inaugural TNQ20 Award winners and strengthening the TNQ20 network.